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    Hi, don't know if i'm in the right part of the forum for this question...but here i go anyways lol..
    Is it possible to run the laser designer 2000 off a laptop, or do you need to get a special card for the laptop?
    As at work we are using a desktop pc with a pci card that came with the laser and software, and I was just thinking...seen that I have a lot of flash animations and stuff on my laptop, I could just take it to work and run the laser from that.
  2. Steve

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    There are various ways.
    If you have a laptop that has a docking station with pci slots (not just a port replicator).
    Magma PCI expansion chassis with cable & cardbus to plug into the laptop cardbus slot.
    Easidock is similiar to Magma. Easidock also makes just port replicators so the model with pci expansion slots is what is needed.
    Pangolin talks about all three here:

    Another solution is with the LDnetwork.
    Here is a link to a discussion in the forums about using a laptop without installed QM2000.
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    i have a laptop, and i run my laser program on through the magma system, i have a 2 slot type, so i can use my sound card at the same time.