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    Hi guys I'm really stuck here and looking for some help

    OK here's the problem

    On entering a venue it seems my laser is out of line. For example: If I was to project txt onto a wall the txt would not be in line (would be leaning to the left) As the same as if I was to project a static straight line (the line would be leaning to the left) The unit is mounted straight on my frame. But obviously if I was to mount it on a slight angle the beam would be correct. Can I adjust this on the software? On the image projection there is a button marked Z and it rotates so I can correct the beam. But as soon as I hit blackout this resets it to how it was. Very frustrating

    If anyone could help me in this matter it would be great


  2. aricha

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    Go to Help - QuichShow Video help - Chapter 2: Settings
    Look at the whole chapter
  3. Aaron@Pangolin

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    You need to make some geometric correction changes. These settings are in the Projection Zone Settings and should be set up for each zone you plan on using.