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    Hi All,

    A few months back, I purchased a 7 color laser on ebay from a company in China. Being worried about getting ripped off, I made sure to read lots of reviews and make sure they were a genuine company. Everything checked out, I saw one person complain about an alignment issue and I wonder if I have the same problem.

    I purchased a Meierlight ME-LAS 3 as shown here ( with the exception that mine is the 30k scanner version.

    The laser specs are:
    red 650nm@500mW
    green 532nm@400mW
    blue 473nm @100mW

    The blue beam is extremely thin but is very sharp in appearance, whereas the red, is very thick but fuzzy in appearance. Does that have anything to do with the difference in strength of the lasers?

    Another problem I have is that when I run the Pangolin animations, I do not get all the colors in the laser show, as what is shown on the computer screen. When I look closely at the beams, I notice the blue is slightly separated from the rest of the beams. It does not seem to converge with the red and the green.

    I have taken some pictures of the Pangolin test pattern’s, can anyone tell me if there is a problem?

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  2. PhillD

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    Does anyone have any advice?
  3. Stuka

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    It looks like you have alignment issues to address, as well as a bit of retuning needed on your scanner amps.

    You might update your profile to show where you're located, and mind find someone close by that could provide a bit of help. :)

    Also -

    The forums here are really aimed more Pangolin-specific issues, which really doesn't appear to be the case with your projector. You might want to post over on (which is a bit more "generic" in nature") and see if some one can lend a hand. Same recommendation as for here - put your location info in your online profile, and you might find someone close by who can lend a hand!
  4. PhillD

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    I was just creating a post on that forum when your response popped up. Thanks for the help.
  5. aricha

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    1 beam size and divergence
    In side the projector you have three lasers with different beam size and divergence
    The thinner the better this is why the your blue looks better than your red
    There is nothing you can do to change it

    2 colors
    There are 2 types of modulations – ttl & analog
    The ttl is on and off – which will give you only 7 colors – and no fades
    With the analog you can fade the lasers this is how you get all the colors
    There is nothing you can do to change it

    3 blue is out of alignment
    You can open the projector and gently move the blue beam optics
    Until the blue beam meet the other beams
    You should do this alignment with a test pattern projected an far as possible

    4 take the the X&Y size to 10 in the projector settings and slowly go up as long as the image looks good
    Or if you want a big size the the scan rate down and project simpler frame with less points
  6. PhillD

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    Thank you for your input, I was able to realign the laser and it looks better. Got to admit I am disappointed that the laser is ttl and not analog. That is my own fault though.
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  7. aly

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    I totally agree with aricha.

    Another thing is, you can't ger powerful red laser from single emitter. And it is made of bunch of small emitters. That's why you get blurred big red dot.

    Chinese quality, that's all I can say.
    Little money - little fun. And this one for sure is cheap. Sorry :p