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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by thunderpants, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. thunderpants

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    I'm wondering how to insert f.x a 10 minute pause into a quick timeline for the laser to cool down.
  2. thunderpants

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    hmm a dead forum, sad!
  3. Joss

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    10 minutes pause.

    Hi Thunderpants,

    This is what I did,
    -go in the frame editor (by right clicking on an empty cue, "create" - "new frame/animation...").
    -Now you have the "editing" window, make a dot outside the grid,
    -go to "frame" then "add", click on the "animate..."
    -In the "animate" window put something like 40 frames then click "OK", click "OK" in the "editor" window too.

    You are now in front of a cue page where you have the cue you just created, right click on it and then go to "cue properties" on top,
    -go in the "image" section, make sure you're in the "time based animation",
    -then in the "sequence" section click "terminate cue after last frame",
    -type in 600 (600 seconds is 10 minutes) in the "Total seconds",
    -press enter and then "OK"

    You have a 10 minutes cue with nothing on it that you can insert your timeline.

    Hope that help!!!