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    OK, this is my first post here & i hope i'm posting at the right place...

    When after i load the laser file from my PC, i turn on the laser, n i click to the test pattern which look like this...

    but what i see in the laser outcome is there r some lines that appear double lines which i have marked down:

    I've tested it with a 1W, 2W or even a 5W laser, but its also the i think it could be the LD2000 settings. Can someone guide me on what settings should i adjust so the laser will look like the 1 in the computer screen...

    I know it wont look 100% alike but at least it wont appear as double lines.

    Thanks in advance :)
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    test pattern

    hi keith,

    sounds like your scanners are not accurately tuned; or you are using an incorrect scan rate.

    try 'projector settings/scan rate' which may be set at the default 30,000 pps.

    while projecting the test pattern, adjust the slider until the central circle just touches the edges of the square, or until the double-lines disappear. remember to save this setting as default using the 'default' tab.

    if this does not work then your scanners may be damaged or out-of-tune.

    good luck!
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    ok, i'll try to adjust n see what happens, thanks :)