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    Did anybody experience the following issue with a laser projector:
    First of all, computer, FB3SE controller and projector are all connected and powered up,
    ILDA cable connected, software running but not playing.
    If the computer is connected to power supply, the laser even if idle is still outputting a faint blue beam, kind of glow. But if the computer is unplugged and runs on batteries, then all is fine: the blue beam disappears, but it would appear as the computer is plugged to the wall socket.
    Also this problem causes that a faint blue line sometime is visible in some graphic were it should be blanked.
    The projector is Pure Micro RGB from SwissLas, the support said they know this issue being caused by the computer and they solved it by "turn the cable 180º", which I guess change polarity in power supply.

    Does it have to do with the earth pin on the plug of the computer PSU ?

    I read the article of bad grounding in projectors on the Pangolin website, but it seems the projector in my case is fine, it is more an issue of computer PSU.

    I thought to share this technical problem, if anyone out there came across a similar situation.

    Thanks for reading.

    Fausto Bini