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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by planty, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. planty

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    I had the laser working fine for about 40 mins and now the whole laser is showing everything upside down.
    The pangolin programs are running fine and showing normal in the view windows but when it comes to the laser output it's got everything upside down,
    I cant find anything in the settings to change it, so to be honest i dont know what i have done,
    Anyone know how to change it back or turn it upside down again..

  2. Lasersource

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    There is a way to turn the show up side down. Don't know if you did that.

    Go to the projection zones. Were you can set up the size, Hight, widte, etc...
    (sorry, don't know the exact name. My pangolin is off at the moment. But you can find it here: Projection zones > zone 1 (or other zone number you used) > than the upper tab.

    There you can set the hight. (on the list at the left) And turn the hight to -100 procent. Normally it is 100. -100 is up side down.

    I don't know if you used that one. but that is a easy way to turn everything upside down.

  3. Lasersource

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    Ohh... wait... The preview window is normal. if you use the way i wrote above than you change also the preview window.

    Than (normally) what you see in the preview pangolin send it like that to the output.

    Is there any switch on your projector to change the axes??
  4. planty

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    I cant find anywhere to change axes or mirror image.
    and it is in zone 1 one the projection zones..
    still stuck.
  5. planty

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    DONE IT,
    i went in the -100% side of the image size,
    Thank you for your help,
  6. Lasersource

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    No Problem!