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Discussion in 'Laser Safety' started by Jem, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Jem

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    Hi Folks,

    As you may know I've made a decision (due to health reasons) that I will not be doing any more commercial shows.

    As such I will have no further need for a Health and Safety Policy I put together, so, I've decided to post it here as it may be useful for others.

    Let's just get one thing straight here though right from the start...

    1. This is by no means perfect, in fact, it's a long way from perfection.

    2. Nobody should take this and use it 'as-is'. It will require 'personalizing' to your particular requirements.

    3. Please don't criticize it, I am by no means a health and safety expert. Bear in mind that this was designed to meet the needs of the Authorities in the UNITED KINGDOM, so, for you guys over the pond it may be absolutely useless

    4. I offer it here as a document for improvement. At least it's better than having nothing at all and should give someone who has no idea where to start a reasonable document to start from.

    5. I accept no liability whatsoever should you find yourself in any sort of trouble by using this document. The onus is on YOU to make sure it meets your needs and the needs of anyone else BEFORE you use any part of it.

    6. I took the time (and spent the money) to attend a VERY worthwhile laser safety course run by LaserVisuals -- May I respectfully suggest that you do the same... or remove the bit about training from the policy

    O.K., now that's out of the way here it is...



    P.S... A little 'thank you' in this thread would be appreciated if you find the document useful
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  2. Pangolin

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    Thank you Jem for providing this important document to laserists around the world!
  3. LaserCraig

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    Great Doc

    Thanks for this. I have been wanting to make such a comprehensive doc like this for years.
  4. Jem

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    Hi Craig

    You're more than welcome and I hope it proves of some use to you.

    I would be interested to know just how much of the document is relevant to the USA laws relating to health & safety / lasers etc.


  5. Colourwheel

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    Thanks a lot for sharing this document.