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  1. sam sam

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    Hello everyone,
    I am new in the forum and I'm learning Beyond.
    I've got a problem to work with a laser, BSL Burst RGB800
    I use an Artnet node , ELC dmxLan node3, connects to Beyond, via ethernet and DMX, to the laser.
    DMX Artnet is configured and it works, opening quickDMX window I can use the faders easily and the laser works.

    I don't know how to setup the laser in the Projection Zones and Projector Settings, I don't see my hardware in these windows.
    Have I to use FB3 or FB4 in order to work with this laser or there's another away.
    In Laser and Emulaser controller hardware I can't see my hardware.

    I am using Beyond in Demo Mode, I am waiting to start to work a bit before buy it.
  2. sam sam

    sam sam New Member

    Probably in Beyond demo version the laser output is disable and I can work only with the dmx channels, like a lighting console.

    If it's true I cannot try this laser with the whole power of Beyond. I have to spend so much money just to check how this laser can work with a professional software.
    I don't know if my company could buy it without see with their eyes what I can do with laser and Beyond.
    Can Anyone reply to my query?
  3. zerowaitstate

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    I think you will find that the projection zones is where you will need either an FB3 or FB4 DAC this is where you assign output to a specific laser. This is where you need to spend the cash on hardware