Laser Show Fesival in Ukraine -- Calling All Laserists

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    The following was sent to me from Mr. Igor Skalskyy, from the company Techart in Ukraine.


    Dear colleagues!

    In 2008, the first noncommercial Laser Show Festival was hold in Ukraine. At that time, many laser show professionals participated in it, including:

    * Laser vario Rakurs Russia, Ryazan
    * Lasermaster Russia, St. Petersburg
    * Studio laser Ukraine, Kyiv
    * Original color Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
    * Mediam Poland
    * Dream Laser Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod
    * Laser show systems LSS Russia, Moscow
    * Kvant Slovakia, Bratislava
    * Eastlight Germany

    This year, a qualifying round of the 5th anniversary of this Laser Show Festival "Otrokiv" will be held. Final judging for the entries will be on August 18.

    We invite you to participate!
    We offer you:
    - An unique opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with colleagues from around the world.
    - An outstanding chance to demonstrate your achievements and creativity.
    - A possibility to once again assert itself as a leading company in laser shows.
    - An opportunity to ensure the development of culture and contemporary art.

    You can take part in the festival in person or send laser show materials directly to me by e-mail.

    Requirements for submission of laser shows for the festival and placement of devices:
    Files should be in normal Pangolin-format (i.e. SHS and LDS files, that are not secured)
    zone1 - graphics on screen 1st channel
    zone2 - graphics on screen and 2nd channel
    zone4 - central beams
    zone6 - side beams

    Laser shows will be played back using LD2000 or BEYOND with 4 channels of QM000.

    The graphics portion will be produced by two 6 watt lasers. Graphic screen size is 8 by 8 meters, and projection distance is 35 meters.

    The central beam projector is 15 watts.

    The side beam projectors are each 12 watts.

    Music files in MP3 format are accepted.

    For larger files, please use a file hosting service, such as, or

    Questions and suggestions should be sent to:

    The festival program will be announced at and
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    I plan to attend this festival :)
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