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    If I plug the FB3 board into the ILDA input port can I daisy chain lasers by using the ILDA output port into another laser ILDA input port?
    Will it work?
    Are there any performance issues with the number of lasers linked and real timing etc.

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  2. smokeAndMirrors

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    When I did this last year with 2 lasers in a chain, I did notice a bit of frame-out (flickering on patterns with lots of points). I could speculate on why this happened, but it would be guessing.

    I should also say that this was done as an emergency measure for a show when I had unwittingly deleted a zone and couldn't get my 2nd FB3 to work in time. The show ran just fine apart from the occasional frame-rate drop. I was concerned that the lock-step of cues on the projectors would look bad - but with a long-enough cable between projectors, there is actually enough of a phase delay to make it look quite good :)
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    You should be able to daisy chain 2 or 3 projectors without noticable signal loss. The problem with daisy chaining them without a buffered splitter is the longer your ILDA cable is the more signal will be lost between projectors. After about 4 or 5 in one chain, it will become noticable as smaller scan sizes and lower lasers powers on the furthest projectors from the controller. The only problem I have heard of is with DMX capable lasers, that were getting signal from another projector's output, stay on DMX control because it was not sensing ILDA input from the previous projector in the chain.

    I think you might have had a projection zone issue where you were sending two projection zones, playing the same frame, to one projector at the same time, effectivly doubling the point count for that "frame". I did this somehow in a LD2000 show and it took me forever to figure out what I had done (I'm still not 100% sure what I did). :eek: When you put your second FB3 back, all the points that were going to two zones on one FB3 reverted back to two zones on two FB3s and all was well I bet.