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    Hi All...

    New to this forum, here, but been around for ~14+ yrs in 'The Biz'... looking forward to the interchange... :)

    This is a paste of a post I put up on another laserists' forum, and the members said they found it very helpful (at least to have all this info in one, concise spot...) so, I re-post, for what its' worth...

    A pretty-good (not always up-to-date, but about 80-90% there - gets you in the right direction anyway) resource for State Regs and Contacts State Laser Safety Contacts -

    And most-current (12/07) address for all Show/Projector/Annual Reports for CDRH should go to:

    Center for Devices & Radiological Health
    Director, Office of Compliance (HFZ-342)
    9200 Corporate Blvd.
    Rockville, MD 20850
    FAX 240-276-3272

    Most current info they have on the web is here:
    CDRH Laser Show Reporting Guides/Forms

    And FAA's most current regs/calcs/info start here: (4+ pages...)
    FAA Outdoor Laser Show Reporting Regs

    Regional Office addresses are here:
    FAA Regional Offices

    Also, here is some good general safety articles from ILDA (though some of it is a bit dated, but still fairly-relevant..): ILDA Laser Safety Articles

    Hope this is of help to some! -peace!
    - jon