Laser show size and room spread.

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  1. Limelight68

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    Hi everyone.

    I have recently bought the KAM 1000 3D laser and the QS software.

    When i use the laser on its own some of the preset displays completely fill the room with light and beams etc, when i connect the FB3 and QS software the beams which i will be using the most are only covering a small area and not filling the room. Following the manual and set up procedure i am still only getting a limited room fill.

    Is it possible to make changes so that i can get a much wider and fuller spread in the room with the beams.

    Is there a particular position for the projector that will do this???

    Any help or support would be great for this newbie. :welcome:
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Hey Andy, you are actually the second QuickShow user to ask about the difference between the "projected size" of the included Quickshow cues and the preinstalled laser frames that came with someone's laser projector.

    The difference in scan angle is can be attributed to the fact that your preinstalled laser frames on your projector are stored on a card or a chip on a "DMX" controller card (or something similar) and the controller card is set to send these frames to your projector at a certain "size and speed" that was hard coded or set by the projector manufacturer. They set it up at their factory based on what they thought was the best size and speed for the projector; we are not aware of the settings they chose and these setting are totally independent of what is being communicated from our FB3 hardware over the ILDA cable when using QuickShow.

    We have set up QuickShow to be used by end users who may not know the limitations of their laser projector; we have set some limitations in QuickShow so these end users would have to work really hard to damage their equipment while running QuickShow. In our Professional level applications, LD2000 and BEYOND, you have much more control over things but you also can do serious damage to your equipment if you do now know what you are doing; running a complex abstract with your scanner speed at 50k and your scan size set to 80% (in LD2000) would likely kill almost any scanners including a set of Cambridge 60K 6215s. The limits placed in the QuickShow Projector Settings are there for the end user; if you find these limits too restrictive for your situation you may want to consider upgrading to BEYOND. That way you can beat your scanners as much as you like; just remember, the majik blue smoke is REALLY hard to get back in the scanner once you have let it out... :eek: