Laser show with multiple projectors

Discussion in 'Networking' started by Curious, Aug 21, 2009.

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    First of all a great forum to learn a lot for a curious like me.

    I am currently working on a laser show which demands four laser projectors placed at four different locations about 80m apart from a central control room.

    With my limited knowledge I gathered from this forum and Pangolin website, I think that I can use LD2000 Pro in central control room and four on Ethernet network. I will receive a time code signal from an AV system on which the show has to run in sync. I can use Timecode machine for this.

    Please let me know if I am heading in the right direction or if there is a better way for this need.


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    Your understanding is generally correct, and we have a number of users who are doing this, or more.

    Basically what you will need is a computer that has LD2000 software installed. Note that this can be a laptop or desktop. Moreover this can be a laptop connected to four separate QM2000.NET boards, or it could be a desktop with one or more of the QM2000 installed in a PCI bus. Also, it can even be a computer (desktop or laptop) connected over a network to other computers that have a QM2000 installed inside. Really there are many variations and a lot of flexibility with our system.

    Lets discuss the general case where you have a computer that is a laptop connected to four QM2000.NET over a network. The network is really standard, using Ethernet wiring and a "hub" or "switch" located at one or more locations on the network. This would be a pretty typical scenario.

    You could also use a wireless network and some of our users have done that. In such a case you would need a wireless "bridge". At Pangolin, we don't have any direct experience with this, and so we can't recommend any particular brands or model numbers of equipment. However, I do believe that this is discussed by several users within this forum.

    Lastly, the computer running LD2000 software does not need to be a PRO system. Even an Intro system will work with no problem.

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    William Benner