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    Dear Sirs .,

    I need some help .,
    I need to send to a customer in a cd or something ., the laser show I make for him .,
    I work with Pangolin 2000 , and the " show " must be seen in a computer in some video format ...
    My customer is 500 miles far from me and he only want to see the show to give me an OK .,
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    Hello Fernando,

    Pangolin LD2000 provides AVI export, but you need basic or professional software level to do this.
    Start Showtime software, load your show and the soundtrack and then go to the menu "settings > playback Settings > Output". Now select "to AVI file" and close dialog with OK.
    Playback the whole show now. Instead of laser output there will pop up a new windows where you can make some AVI settings like size and frames per second.
    "Create AVi" Button will start process. BUT, be sure you have enough disk space free on your drive C: !!! Showtime generates a temporary video file which can be compressed in the next step and this file need a lot of disk space. This file is ALWAYS stored on drive C:\ even if you tell the Showtime to put the final video on an other drive (I hate this).

    If you have to export a bemashow, play around with the enhanced preview and its fog settings. This gives the viewer a better impression of how the beamshow will look like. You can even miorro the output to a second scannerpair or use different viewing angles.

    If there are more questions, take a look into Pangolins (very detailed) Helpfile.

    Best regards,


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