Laser slept for 5 years

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    I was working with Laser Optics Philippines (13years) and I was the last person that used the company's Coherent 3.5star (2000). A month ago the owners wanted me to get the laser going again. It would be a great add-on to my business (lighting, audio, staging and video rentals) to have a laser system that is multicolored or just have lasers.

    After half a day of trying to get the laser to start, it would not. First the main breakers of the power source were at fault. Changed it and then the breakers at the transformer always trips. This were before the power supply of the laser. Never had problems like this before with this laser. Tried to contact coherent but no one answered my emails. What I hear is the relays of the power supply doing a manual type writer noise like typing a 30 letters a second. :confused:

    I hope that there are some tech guys around here that is familiar with this laser system. Could it still work? The person that received the laser brand new also got it's manual and is nowhere to be found. I ws planning to get pangolin for it. Had the x-29 but they lost the card/pc/cable.