Laser stage lamp the accessories, 532nm1000mw laser crystal

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    The stage lights RGB three laser wavelengths are 445nm, 635nm, 532nm
    I now have a simple way to be more convenient to get high power green 532nm laser.
    532nm 1000mW 1Watt Alignment-free mGreen Laser Module ( bonded Nd:YVO4/PPLN with copper holder) for 1Watt green laser
    1. Introduction
    mGreen module is a single component for green light generation. By simply pumping themGreen with an 808nm LD, one can easily achieve 500- 1000 mW green light output .
    2.. Module Description
    The mGreen is composed of 4 components, as shown schematically in Fig.1 Fig.1 Fig.1 Fig.1 , i.e. a silicon
    subcarrier; a 1% doped Nd:YVO4 crystal, a 5mol% MgO:pPLN crystal, and a copper cover. The Nd:YVO4 and 5mol% MgO:pPLN crystals are precisely aligned and mounted on a Si substrate so that facets of the two crystals are in parallel. The c-axis of the Nd:YVO4 and MgO:pPLN are both aligned in the vertical direction. The input facet of the Nd:YVO 4 crystal was coated for high transmission at 808 nm pump wavelength, and high reflection at both 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelength. The output surface of the MgO:pPLN crystal ha s a high reflection coating for 1064nm and high transmission coating for 532 nm light. The mGreen module has a size of only 7(L)× 4.5(W) × 2(H) mm 3

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