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  1. Lasers sometimes get a raw deal and so I would like to put together a book where we laserists can celebrate our laser success.

    If you have a success story using lasers and would like it to be in my book, which I will sell on the internet, please send me your story along with a couple of photos.

    1) Your story - should not be more than about 1000 words or so and should be about laser show success. You can define what success is and any story big or small is ok as long as relevant. Please submit in English and have it spell checked.

    2) Submit your photo. This should be a head and shoulders shot and will be included in the book. you can also send a couple of photos of the shows or success element.

    3) Your weblink. I will also include your weblink in the book so that you can get traffic to your site.

    This will be both an ebook and a physical book which will be sold online.

    Please note:

    1) All submissions should be in ENGLISH and should be spell checked.
    2) The story must be true and it should be your story.
    3) The story should be about your laser success.
    4) You will not get paid in anyway for the use of your story.
    5) No racist, unethical, immoral or other such stories. Please keep on topic.
    6) I will notify you before we publish the book.
    7) You will get a free copy if your story is selected.
    8) Laser related stories only please (sorry)
    9) Deadline for submission is 15th November 2008 midnight
    10) Please do not send attachments as we will not open them. Your story should be in the main part of your email.

    If you are interested in spreading your laser success around the world, please send me your story to

    I look forward to reading your stories.

    Be successful and have a great day.

    Tim Bennett
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    How's the book coming along?
  3. Thank you for asking - but at present I am sorry to say that there is no book as no one seemed interested in promoting our laser successes !

    No one sent me anything and I am surprised as I have many success that I would love to share with the world. I would have thought that this would have been an excellent opportunity to show the world our good sides!

    But if no one is interested....

    But thank you for asking.

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    Maybe you should ask in other forums.

    This place can be a little on the quiet side.
  5. I agree but 193 views so far - not that quiet!

    But the mass voted!