Laser & Video using one single external proyector

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  1. wxdropp

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    I have one single external projector (HDMI for example) connected to my PC. Let say Monitor 2
    I want to control with Timeline (I'm using Beyond Ultimate) the external proyector (full screen) laser projection and video projection but not both together, sometime laser projection and sometime video.
    I created EMUlaser and video.
    How I can switch between both in order to have one projecting went I want?
    I created Emulaser and a video window as well. I can see with pangoscript that both have object properties.
    Left, Top, Left, right and visible. I guess I believe I can control which window can be visible using the visible property but I can`t control on what monitor to project. Every time when I change the property "visible" to true it appears in the monitor 1 or other but not in the monitor I want.
    Any suggestion how to do this?.
    I believe with one external projector you can use it (full screen) as a laser projector and as a video projector. Is this possible?


    Walter D.
  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    So 1 external screen that both serve Video and EMUlaser.
    Both need to go to 1 destination, but you need to switch between windows?
    Am I understanding that correctly?
  3. wxdropp

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    Hi Bob;
    Yes 1 external screen that both serve Video and EMULaser.
    Both need to go to 1 destination (the external screen or monitor) in full screen (This is important) and switching between windows.


    walter D.
  4. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    At the moment this is not possible as far as I know.
    I will put the request at development, however if and or when it will be introduced, I cannot say at the moment.