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  1. TBX

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    I have a screen with 16: 9 Format which I want to play on with Laser Graphics - of course I can set the laser to the canvas size, but then all my graphics are "compressed" because normally the output is square.

    I must set all my graphics individually in x/y so that the projection is again in the correct Format. Is there a simple Method to set the Format global?

    I also have the problem that no more Laser Masking combined with Video fits when I change the Graphics individually in x/y.

    Or is it only possible to play on Square Screens?

    Regards, Robert
  2. masterpj

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    All content should always be made square (1:1 aspect ratio) . To make it fit a bigger screen you should drag it to a timeline and scale down according to the proportions and position. You can make content in a bigger aspect ratio but usually I don't recommend to make content in these widescreen aspect ratios to keep content re-usable for future use too without the stretching problems when doing regular projection work.