Lasershow performer and networking

Discussion in 'Networking' started by Mike, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. Mike

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    Hello all,

    From what I can gather from this part of the forum there are three ways to control a projector over a distance:
    1) a very long 25 pin cable
    2) remote desktop to a slave machine - containig the QM2000 board
    3) using the network aspect of LD2000

    I have a lasershow performer console, so my question is, of the above which is the best option?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Pangolin

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    Hi Mike,

    You pretty much hit it in terms of ways to control a projector from a long distance. There may be another way too, which would be to have a wireless tranceiver connected to your Lasershow Performer console and a LD2000 system which would be located close to your projector. Such wireless devices are made by XStream-PKG. I suppose this would be a fourth way of accomplishing your goal.

    As far as the "best" way to go, I will let others comment. I personally believe the LD2000 Network to be a very good way and, under the right circumstances, this may even be used with wireless networking.

  3. Mike

    Mike Active Member


    Just thought I'd update you on this one. I decided to use a laptop with the performer console attached conected via the network to a rack mounted PC close to the Laser head using the network functionality of LD2000 - it works great. Somethings are a little slower, like using the colour palette and initial loading of the software, but I've not noticed any problems when running shows. I decided to do it this way because I thought it would be easier to add a second, third etc Laser head, QM2000 and PC to the network and keep the control end the same.

    Thanks for the great software and I'm looking forward to version 4.

  4. aly

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    my typical networking configuration is in two versions....

    - If I'm playing synchro shows, notebook is used just for remote desktop (with VNC). Main comuputer vith audio and QM cards is near projectors.

    - If I'm using Performer console for live shows (no audio), remote machine runs just server (LD_Network.exe) and Performer is connected to laptop through USB<->RS232 converter. On laptop is running ST software in Live! mode.

    P.S. I tried windows remote desktop, which has serial port extension function, but it really does not work well. It crashes all the time.

  5. aly

    aly Well-Known Member

    Some addition to my previous post...

    It seems that LivePro does not trigger frames that are stored in QM memory, but all the time updates the output image. If using networking function, this works well only with wired network. Wireless sends packets its own way with large delays, so sometimes laser outputs seem to be frozen.

    This problem can be solved using IPX/SPX option in LivePro.
    First, you must install IPX/SPX protocol for your network adapter (included in windows, just select Add Protocol).
    To use this, make a full configured LivePro system on a master machine.
    Then distribute workspace, defaut.ldz and LD2000.ini file to all slave machines.
    Do not use networking option, but start LivePro on every machine. Also on every machine do this:
    Turn off simplified interface check-box Enviroment menu).
    Click Network synchronization button (green and blue icon).
    Check all 11 check boxes.
    Then press one button on workspace - Livepro on all machines should repeat after you :cool:

    This works very well!

    P.S. On the machine, you are working on, there is no need to have hardware (QM card). You can start LivePro Demo version, that also has this network-control function ;)