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    It would be extremely helpful to buyers AND sellers of Lasorbs if a chart could be created showing what Lasorbs go with which diodes- not just 'high power red diode

    rather 815, 826 or Mitsub 300 or 500. the newer Kasios diodes M-140 and the 9MM or the sled they come from-Some buyers may ask which Lasorb is good with a 500mW red and tell you no more.
    AixiZ gets a lot of traffic from the sadly, underinformed. They have been KipKayed into the idea that anybody can buy a sled and pop balloons without knowing very much.

    They are surprized that AixiZ does not provide complete step- by -step instruction-
    they often have no clue about ESD, pin-outs, polarity, shorting all caps, etc etc-
    they will try to power a bare diode witha 9 volt battery they cry "defective' when they kill it.
    They see no need for a dummy/test load or a diode press-
    They dont know heatsink from kitchen sink.

    buyers will not always ask their qustions totally correctly but the answers NEED to be correct-
    At the Lasorb site they do give some help but a seller who is not 100% fluent in Lasorb needs to give advice quickly when a customer wants to buy a Lasorb.

    Also my friends at AixiZ need to know which Lasorbs would be the best to keep in stock.

    How would you 'rank' them-

    like myself AixiZ is new to Pangolin and Lasorbs... AixiZ does not want to have in stock Lasorbs not often needed and needs to have a guide for matching up diodes with Lasorbs. cross referenced so any question that a new builder has can be answered, when it comes to matching Lasorbs and diodes.

    So buyers of 445nm A-140 blue diodes-- still fairly popular buy Lasorb L44-683.
    My guesstimate would be that 30% of buyers would be wanting these

    for buyers of 12X 405nm Bluray diodes get.. maybe 5 to10 % 0f your buyers

    for high power red diodes get...maybe as many as 40 % may want these.

    But what do i know??

    If it will help i can try to get a list of all diodes/sleds etc and while many are ez to match to Lasorbs others are not as clear.

    I have spent hours searching for the answers and not much luck..

    here is what I know ATM

    the A-140 Kasio 445nm diode goes with the L44-47 121-...683-X BLUE series
    Is that the one for the M-140 and the 9mm 445 kasios??

    what about the new 3.8 mm cans??

    Are Lasorbs made for the new Mitsub 638 diodes the same for both the 300mW and the 500mW? And which Lasorb is that??

    Same question for the 405nm 12X & 20X blueray diodes
    same for the 641nm , 815, 826 etc and other red diodes.

    L44-47-121-228-X – optimized for moderate-to-high power red and infrared laser diodes(?..815, 826,)

    L44-47-122-833-X – optimized for low power BLU-RAY and blue-violet laser diodes (100mW or lower)< not used much as the diodes are now very cheap.AixiZ may not sell many for PHR 405 diodes- they are too cheap to bother protecting now.

    L44-47-121-833-X – optimized for moderate-to-high power BLU-RAY and blue-violet laser diodes--for 6X,8X 12X and 20X
    A-140 Kasio blue 445nm diode goes with the L44-47 121-...683-X BLUE series--

    Thanks in advance for the help

    unofficial gnome for AixiZ by default--lol
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    Hi Len,

    The decision of which LASORB to use is mostly based on the operating voltage of the laser. Each LASORB part we offer has a maximum operating voltage, so the first step is to simply match the maximum voltage that will ever be seen across the laser diode to a LASORB having a higher maximum operating voltage.

    Note that it is possible to use a BLU-RAY LASORB (with maximum voltage of 9 volts or more) on a infrared laser diode having a maximum operating voltage of 1.8 volts. That will work and -- when the laser is not lasing all LASORBs offer the same ESD protection to all laser diodes. HOWEVER, choosing a LASORB whose operating voltage is close to that of the laser will give best protection while the laser diode is lasing. Since protecting a laser diode while it is lasing is the most difficult thing to accomplish, this is actually why we offer a variety of parts.

    Regarding specific recommendations, if Aixiz supplies us with a list of laser diodes, we will be happy to review the list and come up with a specific LASORB part recommendation for each laser diode on their list.

    Best regards,

    William Benner