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  1. LaserRent

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    Is Abstraction and Draw 3D a package or do I have to buy them seperatly? :confused:
  2. Pangolin

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    I am not sure what you mean. Can you be more specific with your question? It might help to know how you found out about LAStudio, etc.

  3. LaserRent

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    I was looking for LAStudio Trace IT and used the 'search this website' function on your site and then I got completly :eek: when I saw Pangolin Draw3D and went :cool: once I had seen Pangolin Abstraction . So I went, armed whit my VISA card, to your price list and didn't found the price for Draw3D and Abstraction nor did I find any linking to this pages on your site.... leaving me :bounce:
  4. Pangolin

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    Hi Laserent,

    LAStudio is something that we acquired around two years ago. Since that time, we have mostly used the code as a basis for new development. For example, LivePRO was developed using code formerly in LAS:Live and ShowRider. Note that this was not just a re-fabrication but a lot of new development as well. For example, although we used LAS:Live code as a sort of foundation, we put an additional 1.5 years of development into what finally became LivePRO.

    In any event, getting back to your original question, Abstraction and Draw3D are part of the greater LAStudio package. In general, I will generate a license file for any of our existing users (who ask me nicely to do so) so that they may use LAStudio. So if you are an existing Pangolin LD2000 user, you may put away your credit card and send me an email with your serial number and system type (Intro, Basic or Pro) and I will send you an LAStudio license and some other information. If you are not an LD2000 user, keep your credit card out and order at least LD2000 Intro, and you may also enjoy the benefits of LAStudio.

    But in any case, remember, you have to ask me nicely :) and I reserve the right to revoke this offer at any time :N

  5. Marco

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    :rolleyes: So, correct me if i'm wrong.....but the 3d Draw is possibility to use an intro/basic card as an 3d animation studio ? like the possibilities you have in LD pro ? That would be VERY :N nice.

    greetings from The Netherlands,

    ps. if any company/manufacturer in the world would have so much understanding for the problems and needs of their customers and solve them in so quickly would be awsome to buy a product are simply the best :airtoss:
  6. Pangolin

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    Yes, you are essentially correct. I have granted a free copy of LAStudio to Intro and Basic users (who ask). I am not sure you quite get exactly what you do with LD2000 Pro, but certainly more than Basic or Intro. In any event, LAStudio comes at frame and show creation from a different angle. Not better, not worst, just "different".

    I do ask that people to whom I give a free copy, please give us good feedback so that we can improve all of our products.