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  1. drm916

    drm916 Member

    Can someone explain the layers and how they can be used with APC40? Or their intended useage
  2. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    This is new, and progressing function in beta state, some details are not well polished. The layer index can be changed by means of MIDI1 .. MIDI4 objects.

    Here is short overview:

    Surface Layers

    In all tables you will see the column Layer. What it means and why it appeared in recent builds of BEYOND? MIDI controllers have many buttons, but still not enough to cover all needs, all functions of BEYOND. Number of buttons and sliders is smaller than number of BEYOND functions. In such case we need a way to assign more than one function to button (or slider). For such separation we introduced conception of layers. As example, the first layer can work with Live Control, second with…Channels, third with Effects, and so on. It work this way. For mapped BEYOND function you specify to what layer it belong. You link the MIDI message and Function, but the link work only for specified layer.

    The tricky thing is – function may exists in multiple layers. As example, Blackout. This is important buttons, and it must work in all layers. Because there is a way to enable function for multiple layers.
  3. drm916

    drm916 Member

    Thank you. That is what I was thinking. But how do I change the layer? So If I want to assign one button to 3 layers. How can I trigger the different layer for the 3 different usages?

    And my above scenario - I know and see how to assign the layers to a button. But how to I actually set the layer at show time.. when I want to use the other layer function.
  4. dennisthemenace

    dennisthemenace Well-Known Member

    This will be super i think :D
    Was thinking of getting another apc, but i rather wait now :p
  5. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Starting from build 661 there are 2 ways.
    1. In object style: Midi1.Layer = 1
    2. In command style: SetMidiLayer 1

    Midi1, Midi2, Midi3, Midi4 are objects that represent MIDI IN/OUT pair.
    Command SetMidiLayer just added, it has one argument - index of layer. It work with together with SelectMidi command.

  6. drm916

    drm916 Member

    That will be great!

    Will there also be an option to assign a button to a temporary "shift"? That would allow me to hold down the button and while being held down would assign the entire controller to layer "x"?
  7. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    I think the the minimum is already there. Functions for "comfort" will be added as soon as time will allow.

  8. drm916

    drm916 Member

    Fair enough. Thank you!

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