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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by blackterror, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. blackterror

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    I just got the beyond .
    , and ill try to get the ilda alignment but the white over the red doesn't aling in the gorilla frame the red in beside the eyes socket and the mouth too how can I aling them thanks im new in this thanks for helping
  2. neutrino

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    Sounds like you need to adjust the dicers inside the projector. This allows you to set the far field alignment and make the beams overlap. It is worth checking the near field alignment too as if this is off the far field will only converge at one point.

    What projector are you using?

  3. blackterror

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    thanks for helping.its a 40Kpps Scanner 1.5Watt RGB Laser Light Showmust be Chinese .I open it up this weekend I got the eye back close in the socket of the gorilla like I saw that utube tutorial but its not perfect the red laser it a lot wider then the 2 other so when I use hot beam its not a dot instead its rectangular .can we can adjust that .thanks