1. lasrgreg

    lasrgreg Member

    When will the LC-ADAT be available? Does it require additional hardware?
  2. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Hi There,

    LC-ADAT will officially be made available as part of the LD2000 version 3.60 release which will probably happen in January. In the mean time, I can send it to anyone interested by email. Just send me an email requesting it.

    Regarding hardware required, well, you need an LD2000 system... but other than that, you need a way to get files from the ADAT into the PC. For an HD24, I heard this can be done through FTP. But for regular ADATs, you may need a special sound board such as the Wavecenter PCI from Frontier Design Group. Pangolin has these in stock...