1. polishedball

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    Since the capture is via ADAT optical fiber to the computer for this conversion am I correct in thinking that an un-modified ADAT unit will work fine. The mods from what I saw only effect the analog type outputs.

    I have both modified and unmodified, but have a studio setup with ADAT (non-mod) and DAW already and think it would be easier to swap in the QM2000 card instead of swapping the ADAT space is limited in this audio suite and it is offsite from where I author laser shows.


  2. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    I am not quite sure I understand the question.

    However, LC-ADAT really takes captured audio files and converts them into laser. The assumption is made that the captured audio files originate with a modified ADAT.

    Note that this has little to do with the ADAT itself, so it might not relate to your discussion above. LC-ADAT works with the waveforms, not the ADAT.

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    William Benner
  3. polishedball

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    Thanks for the repy, I know it was a bit confusing. I ended up getting all to work by capturing the ADAT to wavs and then just importing them to LCADAT.

    Was thinking I needed to use LCADAT to get the original capture, but found the file option.