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  1. antnat

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    hello, lcflash don"t recognize the mask of the swf"s, mine or any other swf in flash 6, show the objects as if mask don"t exist,

    i"d like know if is because the program, if some settings, if exist some tips or if i"m making something bad,

    thank you,
    paul slots
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  2. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Please contact us by email using our contact form at

    We'll reply and then have you send us some files that demonstrate the problem you are having. That way, we will be able to see the problem for ourselves, and then fix it.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  3. Still not working?

    We tried to convert a .SWF in the latest version of Beyond, but a MASK in the .SWF file made in Flash is still not recognized.
  4. masterpj

    masterpj Well-Known Member

    Hope pangolin will nudge me when questions like these pop up about flash as there are a lot of fixes that you can do to fix issues that I know off.

    I can explain why this is happening.
    Please save your flash project target to adobe flash 6.
    Errors will be created but it can be ignored and lines will work better when doing this

    You can find this under File > Publish Settings

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