LCMAX LCMax6.dlr 126 erorr code

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  1. rbp

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    Hi I am newbie from Czech republic. I have installed LCMax converter after reinstalling OS. On 3dsmax start up it shows me a pop up window with this: "DLL <C:/3dsmax6/plugins/LCmax/LCMax6.dlr failed to initialize. Error code 126: he specified module could not be found." I have already tried to fix this by overwriting this *.dlr also with the *.dlr for 3dsmax 7 [they are the same I found here in discussion] but it brings me no effect. What should I do? How can I fix this?

    Thx for your suggestions
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    I believe your problem woudl be solved if you obtain the latest Lasershow Converter MAX installation CD. It could be that you are somehow mising some vital files. Whenever someone has problems, we generally recommend obtaining a new install CD.

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    William Benner