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    Hello, I am new to pangolin. I have then LD2000 tutorial DVD but was also looking for a users manual to go along with it, in terms of running the software. If anyone can direct me to a resource like this it would be appreciated.

    Thank You.
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    You have the tutorial DVD, the one that comes with the other LD2000 dvd's??

    You can find the whole manual in the Pangolin products. Like here:

    (start for example showtime)
    Help - Help Files - LD2000/Showtime/QM2000

    That is the manual.

    The manual is very large and you will need a computer to work with Pangolin (software) products. So Pangolin is good for the environment and they don't print it.
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    thank you very much, not sure why I didn't think to look there!