ld2000.ini can't change the configuration

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by lorenzopompei, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. lorenzopompei

    lorenzopompei Active Member

    i have the problem whit ld2000.ini file.
    when i edit the file,whit notepad, and i change the number of frames, and save it, the file really change but in ld2000 the number of frames remain 12000 as a default. i reinstall ld2000 but nothing is change.
    maybe the problem is i use windows vista?
  2. Cyberb0b

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    Have you disabled UAC in vista?

    If not;

    1. Launch MSCONFIG by from the Run menu.
    2. Click on the Tools tab. Scroll down till you find "Disable UAC" . Click on that line.
    3. Press the Launch button.
    4. A CMD window will open. When the command is done, you can close the window.
    5. Close MSCONFIG. You need to reboot the computer for changes to apply.
  3. lorenzopompei

    lorenzopompei Active Member

    ok its that

    tanks, now is correct!