ld2000.net and internet access conflict

Discussion in 'Networking' started by dave_s, Jan 14, 2009.

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    After having to replace my fried laptop hard drive, and re-installing my qm2000.net I find that whereas before they both worked ok together, now the qm2000 only works when the wireless network is disconnected. Similarly the internet access only works when the qm2000 is not connected. The .net is connected to the laptop with crossover cable supplied. i've tried to change the ip addresses / metrics as various people on photon lexicon have suggested but to no avail. I can live with the above but i know they do work together, just can't find the appropriate settings.

    Any suggestions ?
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    Re: problem solved - internet/qm2000.net conflict

    After someone in an earlier post recommended changing the I.P. address of the QM.Net box, which I had no idea how to do...I thought I'd try changing the DHCP scope on my Router for the LAN.

    Rather than using the 192.168.1.x address with subnet of for both the LAN and the QM connection...I changed the router's DHCP scope to 172.16.0.x with so my WiFi connection is on a different subnet to the Wired connection to the QM box and this seems to have cured the issue.

    I can now browse the net, and use the QM box at the same time.