LD2000 react very slow on network

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Lasersource, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Lasersource

    Lasersource Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    I tried to find any thread about the same problems. but i couldn't find any whit a good anwser. I tried a view things as mentioned in other threads to solve the problem but so far nothing....

    Our stuff:

    1x LD2000 Basic
    2x LD2000 Intro

    Connected as follow:
    Laptop -> Cat-5 cable -> LAN switch -> (very short) cat 5 cable -> QM boards in rack housing. -> lasers / dmx etc.....

    Running the LD2000 on a laptop, a Dell XPS M1530.(a 10/100mb line) with Windows 7.

    Between the laptop and the LD cards we use mostly a 100m Cat-5 cable. in the firewall we made an exception for LD. So i think that couldn't be a problem.

    But, It runs sometime very slow, so slow i can't work with it. the other times it runs also slow, but it is workable. When i test a show (with lasers and the programmed DMX fixtures attached (8 LED lights, 6 channels)) it runs also slow. i put the preview off, so the program only sends laser and dmx singnals to the QM boards.

    But the lasers 'skip' parts of the show. what i mean, a straight line turning once about the X axis it stuttered. and sometime it skip a part like 1/8 of the circle.
    For show this isn't acceptable for us and the costumer.

    Any body ideas?

    Before some ask us,
    we tried to start pangolin and play the show with a very short Cat-5 cable (3 meters) but the same, like we didn't change the cable.

    The laptop we use is a standard laptop, not very fast and powerfull. can this be a problem?

    Hope somebody has an idea to solve it.

    Have a nice day all!
  2. Cyberb0b

    Cyberb0b Well-Known Member

    I may know a solution to your problem.

    Can you please contact me directly true email?

    Best regards,
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  3. decix

    decix Well-Known Member

    Email contact... what a great support forum this is... :(

    Others might also be interested in your solution, please don't make a secret of it.

    My advice: try a different network adapter, Intel for example.
  4. Cyberb0b

    Cyberb0b Well-Known Member

    I am sorry Decix, but as soon as there is a 1 click solution, it will be placed online.
    If you have a problem like this, please contact me.

    The problem can be solved with a registry entry. Something i can't post on the forum. So thats why i asked if he could contact me directly.
    His problem was indeed solved with the fix i send him.

    greets, Bob
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  5. decix

    decix Well-Known Member

    Yes I had QM2000.NET stutter-problems, but only with LivePRO (desribed here).
    I was able to solve this by not using my internal Realtek-NIC but instead I bought a Intel PCI-X NIC.
    With that the stutter was reduced by 98%, but sometimes it's still there.
    QM2000 will only run perfectly smooth (without any stutter at all) when it's placed into the internal PCI-slot.
    If your registry edit is an solution for my remaining 2% .NET stutter problem, then yes: I'm interested.
    Btw... I have a dual-core CPU and already tried switching the process to 1 core exlusively, did'nt help.

  6. Cyberb0b

    Cyberb0b Well-Known Member

    Please contact me, i think i can help you decix.

    Please true email, cause otherwise i cant send you the reg file.

    Greets Bob
  7. decix

    decix Well-Known Member

    Thanks anyway for your attempt to help via Email.
    Unfortunately the patch is only for Win7, I use XP.
  8. aricha

    aricha Well-Known Member

    it is slow - there is nothing you can do about it

    you can program on a PC with a QM inside
    and only at the show use the laptop friendly
  9. Cyberb0b

    Cyberb0b Well-Known Member

    Hi Aricha,

    I am already trying another approach.
    Until now i have very good results, but i need confirmation if this different approach works.
  10. Cyberb0b

    Cyberb0b Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    If you have slow networking performance with Windows 7,

    Check the Update page

    Download the "Fix for slow networking performance with Windows 7" file.
  11. Lasersource

    Lasersource Well-Known Member

    Nice that the update is ready! Good work!

    It works perfectly for me. I hope for others as well.