LDF laser font editing?

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by sbk, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. sbk

    sbk Beta Tester

    Hello all,

    I'm trying to modify and improve the existing laser fonts into Beyond, but have no real success so far. Is it even possible, or would this feature exist in the future?

    I used the "Edit font (test)" function in the font drop list, then it opens the font family into a frame editor and I can edit the individual characters, so far so good.

    But when I close the text edit and create a new one with the same laser font I previously edited, it reload the stock font without my modifications...

    Of course I tried to save the edited font list as ".LPF" but it doesn't work.

  2. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Thanks for pointing on. The most possible we will add Load and Save for fonts in native BEYOND format. We will work on this as soon as time will allow. Right now there are a couple of subsystem that have to be completed before moving to the next part of BEYOND. Thanks for question.

    Best Regards,
  3. sbk

    sbk Beta Tester

    Thanks for the answer Alexey, great to hear this should be addressed.
    Actually I believe the workaround is to copy the frame with the edited font and start from there for another text...

    Also it would be awesome to use any single line font from Windows into Beyond, and to be really processed as a single line when drawn with the laser.
    Because actually it is processed like any other TTF font and the laser pass two times on the same place to "close the loop" of the character, thus slowing down the display...
  4. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    - Today added Load and Save for BEYOND Fonts. It include LDF and imported TTF. Right now - just load and save. Once time will allow, we will add more functions.
    - "Single line" TTF. We working on corresponding functionality, but there are other tasks that have to be completed and have a priority. What I want to say - we understand the question and already working on it.

  5. sbk

    sbk Beta Tester

    Amazing you already programmed the load/save functionnality, thanks!
    I'll be glad to test it once you release the next build ;)
  6. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member

    On a related note - can someone recommend a source to buy additional "laser" fonts? All the ones that come with BEYOND look dated IMO.

  7. sbk

    sbk Beta Tester

    I'm afraid there is no other available source for these special "laser fonts", this is why I asked the possibility to import any single-line TTF from i.e. dafont.com.

    You already can do this but Beyond use it as a standard font and double-trace the lines so you loose half the speed... It may work if you have only a low character count.
  8. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member

    I also bought a single line TTF from onelinefonts.com, but although they load and look similar to a laser font, each character is being traced twice. :(