LDS file not sync in QS

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  1. Doctorbass

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    I just began to download few great show from the pangolin server but many dont seem tyo have synch with the music.

    Also other show just dont look like the same as in the video preview.

    Ex: the X5 graphic show when played with QS is just not the same speed as the one shown in the preview video. I tried to go in the proprity fo the Cue and change the speed to match the entire time of the show but that doesn't solve the problem.

    ALso in the show that are time based by default, the time is like 1800sec.. wich dont make sens..

    Please help.. I just want to be able to play these show with the right speed and sync.

    It's also the same for Rythm is a Dancer... and many other

    I also observed that the speed of some frames are different from other in the same show

    Please any help will be apprecaited

  2. Pangolin

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    LDS files are really for the LD2000 series of software, and are not native QS files.

    LDS files are used along with SHS files, on the Showtime timeline. It is Showtime and the SHS file (i.e. the show file) which includes the timing information.

    Therefore it is not surprising that you are not able to get LDS files to work properly with QS. LDS files provide only one piece of the puzzle which is a laser show (the image piece). The timing piece is provided by the SHS file.

    There are plenty of QS-specific laser shows on the the PangolinShows portal. All of those shows should run perfectly with QS.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  3. Doctorbass

    Doctorbass New Member

    Thanks William for the explanation.

    I know i downloaded nearly couples of them... but the one in LDS are also really intresting !!

    I am using my laser for home use only and for a total investment of about 2800$ to get a great hardware and software i think it's enough. Buying LD2000 for my purpose would be rediculous.

    But i still think that for a 600$ software that i paid, having acces to some LDS files and to be able to play them would be fair.
    ... as well as being able to drive my 650$ galvo of 40kpps to 40kpps not only 30 by being limited by the hardware !...(~

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  4. soforene

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    The extra costs involved in buying more advanced hardware/software will give you access to more features and shows (you get what you pay for).

    And in the great scheme of things 600 bucks is chicken feed in the world of lasers.
    And if you disagree then you still have a lot to learn about this expensive hobby. :sillylol: