LEVIATHAN Neo-Neon Laser

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    OMENMAN New Member

    has anyone got any info on this machine??
    It powers up and so does the controller but no laser shows
    I need the flashback driver to get it to work but cant find it anywhere
    I am using windows7 :confused:
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    You will need to contact the laser manufacturer Neo-Neon to see if they can hook you up with their software that runs on the version of the FB3 that came with that laser. I think it is Cypher-Lite and I am not 100% certain they still support it or not. We have an upgrade path to allow QuickShow to run on that hardware; it is not free but it is a good deal in my opinion.

    OMENMAN New Member

    thank you where may I get this quick show??
    I have emailed NeoNeon it is cyhper lite
    I got a copy CD rom I have downloaded it but my PC keeps saying FB3 driver needed and I cant get one anywhere ??
    point me in the direction if you can ?
    I got the Laser working in standalone mode but I would like to use programs etc with it

    OMENMAN New Member

    Unfortuneatley I am not having any luck with this Neo Neon seen to be defunct and lw Laserlite Lasertech n Pangolin dont want to know??
    Anyone got any good ideas?