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    How do I create a line in LiveQuick that tweens its colour between the start and end point? With a circle I can use the brush / roller, but doing the same for a line doesn't work.

    Also, is there a way to split a line?
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    I think it might not be possible to do what you want in LiveQUICK. Note that LiveQUICK was meant to be a very simple program indeed. Yes, there is minor editing capability, but LiveQUICK was mostly made to load already-created artwork into a workspace which is then downloaded into the memory card.

    That is, unless you are talking about QuickShow, in which case there are many coloring options. Don't forget that QuickShow offers true color "effects", which you can use to recolorize frames. Within the workspace, Derek does that in several cues. You can make lines start as one color and end as another, and even cycle the colors. The color effect in QuickShow is really quite powerful, even though the presentation and user interface is simple.

    The editor itself within QuickShow is meant to be simple as well, but there are limitations. Remember, QuickShow is meant for "casual" laser users, not necessarily true laser professionals (although our professional users praise QS quite often). Certain sacrifices were made in QS in favor of ease of use and offering the best price possible. Ultimately if you need more power than QS is affording you, then you should consider our professional-level LD2000 series of software. Of course this comes with a professional-level pricetag as well :D

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