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    see question in below post.
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  2. hitekvoop

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    Is there a way to get quickfx when running in "live controls to zone" mode to follow the zone routing when "also to" zones are used?
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  3. Aaron@Pangolin

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    They should work with no issues.

    When I test the first two options, Master or Cue routing, in the QuickFX tab the effects impact both the main zone and the "also to" zone at the same time.
  4. hitekvoop

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    What happens if you select zone routing?
  5. ENOT

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    Let me explain a couple of details.

    1. Routing effects is a manipulation with routing parameters of the frame. It works on Cue level. It work on Master level. But, when the data (frames) is inside the Zone, then it is too late to change routing information. So, you need apply routing effect before Zone level.

    2. "Also to" this is final processing that work after all Live Control effects and similar things. BEYOND take output of zone and distribute to/between "also to" zones. This is one way road without the loops. The frame can not come into one zone, then go by "also to" to the other zone, and then effect again and so on. This is one way road with fixed pipeline. Cue, Master, Zone, AlsoTo, BAM, Geo, ... something like that.

  6. hitekvoop

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    Thank you for the explanation, Alexey, it makes perfect sense.