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  1. koutsoumpis

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    Hello guys. I am using Beyond ultimate and i am still learning the software! Any tips from anybody expert how can i create this effect shown on this video. I guess its a live trace with a camera .shouting on the dancer is that correct? if yes how i can do this with beyond. Trace with kinect or with a web camera?
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    I think there is no tracing going on at all. Seeing this movie at 1:45, the animation is spinning. The man in front of the screen stands still.
    I think this is a pre-recorded show and clever timing of the artist.
  3. koutsoumpis

    koutsoumpis Well-Known Member

    same thig is happening here Bob?

    Is this also pre recorded? And if i need to do so i can record with a live camera and then edid the points etc?