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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by Darcean, Feb 5, 2014.

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    Is there a way to bring livepro level of control, adding different animation speed controls, fx, key fx, color, and image + master. Using one frame to play an image while using another frame's fx/key fx to do fx on the currently playing frame, etc etc..) in Beyond? Stuff like that?

    I am interested if there is a way to program that. I know quickfx are one way to do things, but right now the ease at which you can create fx that I've witnessed in livepro seems to be leagues ahead of what you can do in Beyond.
  2. ENOT

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    Thanks for interesting question. In BEYOND no need to separate on effect, color, key, because all this possible inside one Effect. In LP we have trio (eff/key/cs), in BEYOND this function served by FX, 4 layers. So, no less. In LP all concentrated on 1 level - 4 tracks that has 65 variables. BEYOND based on four or five layers, and each of the based has own "Live Control". The levels are - cue, master, zone. Extra place is Universe that also can work as a container of effects. There is 5th place, so called ProTracks, but right now a bit too soon to talk about.
    As a rule, effects use time of corresponding cue player. Master use own time calculation, Projection Zones - each personal time calculation that used for effects. Each time accumulation place has own control (slider) in Master tab. That is only a few things that are on surface.

    Anyway, you have a good question because right now you can not control time accumulation of each FX layer personally. We will work on this.

    What I recommend to take into account - we had no wish to duplicate or compete with LivePRO. We already have LivePRO. Now we also have BEYOND that introduce new tools, new methods, new ideas.

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