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    While using BEYOND I notice an issue that locks you out of the software under specific situations.

    We use a combo of QS and QM2000.NET hardware devices / cards.
    If we open BEYOND while we have 2 QS devices hooked up to the computer, no prob. Then if we attach 1,2, 3 or 4 QM2000.NET cards, we have to check the “enable QM2000 controllers†box under the “controllers†tab in the “Configuration†window from the “settings pull down menu.
    All the QS hardware devices and the QM2000.NET devices work nicely together ☺

    Now the issue: Say you close BEYOND. And re open it, but this time you only have a QS device connected to the computer (and NOT any QM2000.NET’s) The first window to pop up is a “System Change Detected†showing you that none of the previously attached QM2000.NET devices are detected. Because no QM2000.NET devices are detected all you can do is refresh or close the window. Once you close the window, BEYOND opens the “Loading†screen. Once the show is fully open, it stops and closes.
    I have been unable to open BEYOND until I reattach the QS2000.NET systems, once attached, the program opens and then you have to uncheck “enable QM2000â€.

    If I were in a situation where I did not have the QM2000.NET, then I would not have been able to use the software…….

    Anyone want to check this out with me and see if you can recreate it? Are there some other settings that fix this or provide a work around?
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    The quick resolution is, when you are running FB3s only, to hold down CTRL before clicking the BEYOND.EXE icon, continue to hold CTRL until the "Welcome to BEYOND" screen comes up. Then uncheck the "Activate" QM2000 box so BEYOND will not look for QMs when it is opened. You may have to re-do this to activate the QMs when you re-install them.

    The long resolution... What version/build of BEYOND and version of LD2000 are you running? I think I remember seeing this on our WIN 7 test PC but it was right before I updated it to another BEYOND build and I have not seen it since the update.
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    That is the exact fix we were looking for :) Thank you....