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    DJ MATTY Member

    I'm trying to find a show or effect that has multi color beams spread out like a burst that can be solid beams or flashing or rotating.
    Something like in this link below.


    I have a X-Laser Mobile Beat MK5 and Quick Show.

    I have checked all the stuff on show space, not finding anything.

    Thank you
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  2. RGBeetje

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    burst effect

    Hi DJ Matty, do you have show portal access ? If so there are a few workspaces that hold the effect I see in the picture.. I also have some starburst like effects. Check out the lasershow " a sky full of stars " it also holds some...

    Just mail me and I'll send you some cues..

    ps the color of the beams can always be adjusted in qs.
    Click on the cue, add color effect, Set color to discrete, and add more colors to have multi colored effects. :)

    DJ MATTY Member

    I have access to Pangolin Show Space. I looked for the show you said "sky full of stars" but I did not find it ?

    I would appreciate some cues if you could send me some.


    Thank you for your help :welcome:
  4. MeaningOfLights

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    Could someone please tell me where this Show Portal is? How do I get access?

    Thanks in advance

    EDIT: I see it is here: http://www.pangolinshows.com/home.html
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