Looking for Christmas show with Christmas story

Discussion in 'Show-ware' started by cadcoke5, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. cadcoke5

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    I am proposing to my church that they do a laser show, as part of an indoor Christmas light display for the public.

    I have been looking for animated content that presents the Christmas story. I.e. Joseph & Mary, Baby Jesus, Wise Men, etc.

    The closest I have found on the net, is a reference to a Laser show at a Catholic shrine to Mary. But, they have not responded to my inquiry about who did the show.

  2. hcmaestro

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    Christmas story

    Joe, have you found anything in a nativity-type theme? I would also be interested.
  3. cadcoke5

    cadcoke5 New Member

    No, I never found anything beyond what I mentioned already. I eventually resolved to do the animation myself, and had even started to collect ideas about what to do. But, it seems the idea of the laser show at my church is not going to happen anyway.