mapping KORG midi nonacontroller

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  1. micla

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    Hello again,

    Now that i got suckt in more and more into the addictive world of lasers, i got myself a korg nano midi controller. I got all drivers and hardware running, and have allready set up some of the contolles in the midi live control section.

    Now the problem is that it seems i can only control the standard cue options like position, format, rotation, color, etc.

    Now this is really nice to control with the Korg, but the Korg comes with a lot more buttons, sliders and play$stop buttons etc, witch i can not use. ( there are no further options in the midi live control settings )

    I want at least to be able to link some buttons to actions like "reset que" and "black out"

    Is there a way to do this?
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    QuickShow has MIDI input abilities but they are limited compared to our professional software platform BEYOND.

    The main limitation that is noticeable is the cues in QS are only selectable by mouse or keyboard input. To get a MIDI controller's notes to control cue selection you need a 3rd party MIDI converter to convert the MIDI notes to keystrokes. Unfortunately, I cannot advise what software to use or how to set it up; I only know you cannot go directly from MIDI to select the workspace cue.

    There are many MIDI translators out there; a few have been mentioned in this thread for QuickShow MIDI control:

    The other settings that are available are in the Settings, Midi settings, Midi shortcuts, and Midi to Live options. Blackout is under Midi Short cuts (top option) and I am not aware of a "reset cue" command. If you are using the Toggle selection for cues you would just re-press the cue to stop it (after you get a Midi translator) or use the Restart selection for cues and everytime you release a cue it stops it.
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    Hey Aaron,

    Again tnx for your reply.

    Ok, so i won't have to look any further within Quickshow for additional options besides the ones i allready found ( i found the blackout option under midi shortcuts indeed, tnx for that )

    My second goal was indeed selecting cue's and after that selecting and deselecting Quick FX options.

    The KORG controller comes with some sort of editor, but i've no clue what to do there. It's working with note's like you allready mentioned, but i'm completly new to midi communication, so i guess i've to make myself more familiar with that and maybe i'll find a way.

    Anybody with a nice link to a easy and slow tutorial introducing midi communication for dummies?

    @Aaron, i'll take some to look into that midi translating thing, see if it brings me any further

    I will post any progress ( if any-@ )
  4. micla

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    So there is progress.

    I used Bome midi translate to map some of the buttons to the differend atmosfpherics and graphics tabs. These tabs can be linkt as shortcuts to the F1 - F12 keys on the keyboard. From there i could map these keys to the Bome''s software. It''s working, but it has cost me 12 buttons of the controlller.

    But there i was stucked again. Those F- keys are the only keys i found i was able to map to something. No further shortkey's, no further mapping .

    So i made myself more fimilliar with these midi commands and found out that the software that came with the Korg controller also translates from and to midi notes and midi commands. That way i was able to use the virtual midi keyboard within QuickShow to map the cue's, and let de controller command on it by midi notes

    The only thing now is find a way to map the QuickFX cue's. But as far as i can tell right now, they can not be triggerd by any command or signal

    But so far so good. At leat i''m now able to do things simultanously witch is very handy when doing live permormances. Next week i''ve a show comming up, so i can really put it to the test.

    If still somebody with a solution.....