Mapping NI Maschine MKII for QuickShow

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  1. AnthonyGarcia

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    I am trying to map my Maschine MKII for QS but I am seeing many limitations. Am I correct in assuming mapping is more open with Beyond? And has Pangolin ever created the Beyond demo?
  2. Stuka

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    Anthony -

    This is just an observation from an end-user's perspective ~

    If the Maschine MKII is anything like the APC 40 (I'm not familiar with the Maschine MKII), a big part of the problem is the limited hard-coded buttons & dials on the MIDI controller itself.

    There's actually a LOT of MIDI support in recent versions of QS, but you need a MIDI controller that is capable of sending consecutive MIDI note messages to be able to select the individual cues. With most programmable MIDI controllers or keyboards this isn't a problem, but with hard-wired controllers like the APC 40 it does present some limitations. (I go in somewhat in depth concerning these limitations in my thread on the APC 40 on PL, as well as mentioning a couple of work-arounds.)

    As advanced as QS is, Beyond is definitely MANY layers ahead in capabilities, and one of the huge additional features is the extensive customizing that is opened up by PangoScript. The APC 40 template that Pangolin includes with recent Beyond releases (lots of PangoScript programming behind the scenes!) gets around the hardware limitations of the APC, and reassigns them to the cue grid (among many other things) that makes the hardware compatible with the Beyond interface.

    Long-story short ~
    There's probably a LOT you can do with your controller with QuickShow, but if the controller itself isn't programmable, you may need to use some sort of MIDI mapping utility (MIDI-Ox, Bome MIDI Translator, etc.) between the controller input and QuickShow.

    Beyond can more than likely be programmed to support just about any controller out there for just about any purpose, but it may take some deep-diving into PangoScript to overcome any inherent hard-wired controller limitations. PangoScript takes a bit of "tinkering" to understand, but it is VERY powerful, and there's probably very little that can't be done when using it.

    Just my nickel's worth... :)
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  3. AnthonyGarcia

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    Thank you very much Stuka for the assistance. But after spending a couple hours reprogramming the maschine (its very programmable) and playing around with settings in QS I only found that you can map for:
    Tap Tempo
    Main VLJ
    VLJ FX1, 2, 3, 4
    Reset Rotation
    Reset Position
    Master Color
    Master Brightness
    Master Points
    Master Speed
    Master Scanrate
    Master X,Y,Z Size
    Master X,Y,Z Rotation
    Master Z,Y,Z Position
    Master X,Y,Z Angle

    I could not find ways to
    Change number of cues on page
    Switch between pages
    Toggle between Play / Reset / Flash (Something I really really need)
    Toggle between one / multi cue
    Select individual FX

    Are things things that cannot be mapped to midi in QS or have I just not found out how to do it? Once again thanks for being such a help.
  4. Stuka

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    While the list of wait you CAN do in with MIDI in QuickShow is impressive (and you can select cues from a specific page based on MIDI channel number), if you need more than that it might be time to take the plunge and move up to Beyond.

    Do that, and you'll probably never "need" another laser control package... :cool:
  5. AnthonyGarcia

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    The plan is to move up to Beyond as soon as possible. After going crazy with it at SELEM I am more than happy to purchase it. I just lost my job a few weeks ago so hopefully I can either get some money soon or perhaps trade for some mapping and video work ;D
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    Same problem here. Did u fiend your solution?