Mapping shift key to controller with bomes

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    Has anyone been able to successfully map their controller to use a shift key? I am trying to get bomes to work with my ohmrgb, the idea I had was to try and get the ohmrgb to output the same midi commands as the apc mini. For example, the mini outputs "90 62 7F note on" and "80 62 7F note off" so I map this to a button on my ohmrgb, I see in the midi monitor within quickshow it did change the output of the rgb to match the apc mini so routing settings are correct and the correct midi command is making it to QS... yet the shift command does not happen. Any advice?

    Also I tried to invert the knobs by using an inversion rule within bomes (oo-127-pp) and that didnt work. I just went input CC any velocity on the chosen knob to output same thing but added the rule. My main reason for wanting to use the ohmrgb over the mini is the addition of knobs to match the rotation feature.

    Im actually pleasantly surprised at quickshows midi support. I just wish the shift key wouldve been added on the 'midi to live control' section.
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    QS somehow detects that its not an apcmini outputting these commands. tricking it into thinking my ohmrgb is an apcmini is not the way to go.

    The way I did this was to use bomes to map the quick fx to mouse clicks using the bank 2 buttons. The disadvantage of this is that it is resolution dependent, so my mapping will only work on this laptop. Sharing the mapping therefore, is redundant.

    Inverting the knobs works by changing the input velocity to pp, and the output velocity to oo, then using the oo=127-pp rule.

    Enabling / disabling zones is still a mystery, but i have achieved almost every other function desired, much more than what is on the apc mini.