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  1. Laserguy

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    Is there a way to add markers in QS like you can in Beyond and LD2000? I know in LS you hit the space bar to add and in Beyond you click the button. I can't do either in QS and was wondering if it's even possible before I start killing neighborhood cats.
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    I see two ways to do two type of markers althoughg neither are "beat marks" which is what I think you are after.

    1.) Right click on the timeline above Track 1 where the "time" numbers are and add a "snap line". This looks like it could be good for show timing but I have never played with it. :eek:

    2.) When the Time slider is at a point on the time line there is a "Marks" option in the "Menu" list that lets you Set a Mark In and a Mark Out. This looks more like something for looping a short segment of a show and not really anything for setting up show timing.