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    To make a mask on the timeline you will need to use two timeline tracks and you will create a mask on the "top" track that will mask the bottom track.

    You will drag a cue/frame/animation from the workspace to the top track to create a timeline event. You will then use the "Event" options to the right, under the preview window, to set up your mask. Under the Event tab you will see a list of options that can be expanded or collapsed. Masking is the 4th option in the list.

    For the top event, or the mask, you will select from one of three mask creation options, not used, blanked inside or outside mask. The one of four maks response options, display normally, blank points that lie within, display points that list within, or sparkle points that lie within...

    For the bottom event, or masked frame, you will make similar selections, but the selections will be the ones that get you the masked result you want. You will need to play with these selections to get exactly what you are after.

    To get what you are seeing in the preview you provided, you will set your top event, or mask, to "Create a "Blanked inside" mask AND Display points normally. For the bottom event, or masked frame, you will select "Frame is not used to create a mask", and Blank points that lie within "Blanked inside".
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    thank you !