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  1. bidgeeman

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    Can anyone tell me how I would go about masking out areas of Laser animation to allow 3D rendered projected objects to show through?
    Say I have a 3D projected Ball on a water screen and the background is done in Laser as a flat horizon. How do I mask out the laser horizon so it does not travel through the ball?


  2. Stuka

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    The Beam Attenuation Map in the Projection Zones might be useful for that....
  3. Pangolin

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    @ Stuka, No, he means within the 3D Studio MAX environment itself.

    @ bidgeeman, what you need to do is make certain objects "black" (and non-shiney) so they will not appear in the rendered video output of 3D Studio MAX. Render the video animation that way. Then you use Lasershow Converter MAX -- selecting the "black object" (or objects) and telling Lasershow Converter MAX that these are the objects that you want to see in laser light. Note that the objects that you normally see in video may, or may not be rendered in laser. It is your choice, and you can tell Lasershow Converter MAX to render or not to render each object to the laser. You do this using the Utility plugin, which is a part of Lasershow Converter MAX.

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  4. Alex

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    What I think he is refering, is that he is able to see the background trough the ball, and he does not want that.

    So, when you render with LC Max plugin you need to:
    -select the ball;
    -go to Utilities tab/LC MAX/Object line types/Speciall Effects/ Uncheck Transparent and click Assign to selected objects.
    Render after that and it should work :)

    If you don't want the horizon at all you should select it/right click/Properties/Under Rendering Control on the right uncheck Renderable/ click ok
    Then you will have the ball without the horizon.