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    I have got masking to work between 2 tracks. Is it possible to have the top track (track 1) which creates a 'visible inside' mask to mask more than 1 track with frames below (f.i. track 2 and 3) ? Or just one ?
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    Yes, it should work. Use the same options for the 3rd track as you do with the 2nd.

    The 2nd track should not create any mask, it should “respondâ€￾. Otherwise, it will clear the mask made by 1st track. Technically, this is sequential process, from top to bottom, with same logic for all tracks. Each event has an option on how to create/modify and respond to the mask. BEYOND has the same masking process as LD2000.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Can't get it to work. I use these parameters in the Event tab:
    Frame 1 on Track 1: creates Visible inside mask
    Frame 2 on Track 2: Mask response: display points Visible inside. This works.
    Frame 3 on Track 3: Mask response: display points Visible inside. This doesn't respond to the mask created by frame 1. It is displayed normally.
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    Sorry, got it to work all of a sudden by activating "Add to existing mask" on Track 2 ?
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    Ok, it works, but I still think it's integration is complicated in Beyond. Say you want to do the following:
    Frame 1 is background scenery.
    Animation 2 is a walking tiger.
    Frame 3 is front scenery (a bush)

    I want to make the tiger come out in front of the background (frame1), but from behind the bush (frame 3).
    How would I go about doing this ?

    What if there are more levels of masking ? Phoenix has a very good solution for this giving every frame or animation a projection 'surface' number. The higher the number the more the frame is 'in front' of the others. That way it isn't depending on track order either and avoids rearranging events on the timeline to get this right.
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    The systems are different. And I think this is good. To have all in one, I doubt this is really possible. That is why there are different systems. Regarding the masking - BEYOND implement ST2000 model. It is important to keep compatibility.

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    Hi, Sorry, I have another problem here with Masking.
    I have my image masked cuz I wanna ease the high scan rate of projector.
    It's a image with a door with some text on the border. and I Masked it into pieces. (as following ) [​IMG]

    But I just realized that even I masked it, it still given same result. (scan rate still run high.)

    Anything I can do to solve this issues?

    (This is my first time reply with image. hope it works...)

    thanks guys :)
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